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U.S. Golf Hole Targets, Inc

Richard Browne the Inventor of the "Target System" believes his Target System makes the Best Golf Holes in the World and this is why.

The Target is a very flexible white collar that is installed on the top of the rigid plastic liner that is installed one inch below the surface of the putting green. The white and flexible Target enhances the visibility of the golf hole and speeds up play on the green by eliminating "pin - tending."

The Target also ends the enlarging of the golf hole that otherwise occurs as golf balls dent and enlarge the dirt golf hole during a full day of play. By stabilizing the golf hole's size and edges it allows golf scores to be fairly compared which otherwise does not occur. Without the "Target System" in golf hole it enlarges from the erosion of golf balls banging the unsupported top one - inch of dirt hole edges. This is patently an "unfair" situation when scored are compared to determine a "Winner".
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